Robert Kiyosaki is the author of best seller Rich Dad Poor Dad. The book is claimed to be his biography . He is a fifth generation Japanese-American. He was born and brought up in Hawaii.

His father was a prominent officer with the Hawaii Government in the educational department. After schooling he joined U.S. Merchant Marine Academy where graduated as a deck officer.

He participated in Vietnam War as a helicopter gunship pilot. After leaving Marine Corps he joined Xerox Corporation as a sales man.

His initial days in business were not very successful. But persistent efforts brought in success at last which enabled him to retire at a young age. He owns business and invests in real estate.

He set up the company Cashflow Technologies with a mission of educating general public about the importance of financial literacy.

His first book Rich Dad Poor Dad, co-written with Sharon L Lechter has been a New York Times best seller for many years. Cashflow Quadrant, Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing and Rich Kid Smart Kid were written in partnership with her.

Once dissolving the partnership with Sharon Lechter, Robert and Kim Kiyosaki together are managing the business. Kim Kiyosaki herself is an author of many books, including Rich Woman. They target women who would like to take control of their finances, escape from the rat race and move towards financial freedom.

The book named “Why we want you to be rich’ is co-authored by Donald Trump and Kiyosaki.

His articles are published in their blog and many periodicals. They have they religions following. Cashflow clubs are present around the world. People join them to learn more about teachings of Rich Dad.

Robert kiyosaki columns appear regularly appear in many websites and other media.

Definitely all these books and other material make you look at money from a different point of view. As he says ‘The Poor and the Middle class work for money; but, their money work for the Rich”.

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