Ladies, You Gotta Learn About Money!!

Kim Kiyosaki and Robert Kiyosaki have known what it is to be in financial trouble. They were even homeless for a while. But thy did not listen to the advice their friends and relatives gave them – go get a job.

That was not what they wanted to do. Instead they kept experimenting with businesses and investments. The teachings of Robert’s Rich Dad guided them through this process. It was natural for Kim as some one who had already involved in successful businesses on her own, even before meeting Robert.

Later they built many other successful businesses and invested in real estate. They become financially free and could retire young.

Her biography is the success story of a determined woman who moved over from the left side of the cash flow quadrant as an employee to the right side as a business owner and investor.

Roebrt Kiyosaki is the author of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. He has authored many other books on Financial Literacy, Investing and Real Estate.

The Rich Mom has taken up the mission of educating women about financial matters. Her first book is Rich Woman : A Book on Investing for Women – Take Care of Your Money, Take Care of Your Life.

She has published many audio CDs too - 10 steps to investing: how to get started, How to get out of bad debt, Good Deal Bad Deal: How to Find Real Estate Deals that Make You Money and so on.

Guide to Phenomenal Success (GPS in short) is an investment planning system she has designed.

I am sure she is going to write more and more books like Rich Woman.

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