Poor Dad Rich Dad – in my opinion that should have been the title of the best seller by Robert Kiyosaki. Because it was his poor father who gave him a good education. Good education is the basis of any success.

Of course Kiyosaki talks about Bill Clinton and other who made it big without a high education. They are extremely rare cases. Most of the successful men in business are highly educated.

Ralph Kiyosaki, the Poor Dad, is the biological father of Robert Kiyosaki. The good education he gave to Robert is definitely the foundation on which he could build his so called business empire.

Ralph H. Kiyosaki was an employee of the Hawaii Educational Department. He was well educated but was not as successful financially as the Rich Dad.

Is Robert Kiyosaki of the opinion that general education is a waste of money? Well, he hints it at times. I think otherwise.

His over emphasis on the so called games, seminars and insider education and all that stuff has made many doubt if this whole thing is a scam.

What is the truth about Kiyosaki? Was he a millionaire before he started writing his first book Rich Dad Poor Dad?

Or is he someone who got rich by advising others how to get rich?

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