Sales Pitch In His Articles

Anything in Robert Kiyosaki Article are holy words to his mass following around the world.

Ever since his book Rich Dad Poor Dad became a best seller, he kept publishing books one after another.

It is an agreed fact that all his other books draws heavily from Rich Dad Poor Dad. The counter argument could be that the basic ideas one needs to know to be financially free are given in Rich Dad.

Here is how you can escape from the rat race.

1) Earn more.

2) Spend less.

3) Buy assets with your savings. (They put money into your pocket)

4) Buy no or as few liabilities as possible. (Because they take money away from your pocket)

And other books try to give more details on various points.

His articles are fed to millions of his fans through web blogs. I have subscribed to this too. I read the first two or three issues then stopped reading it.

Reading a couple of his books can give enough financial literacy and motivation. I have played the cashflow games also – both cashflow 101 and cashflow 202. Buy them if you can afford them.

Rich Dad Seminars and Coaching are two services Kiyosaki promotes now. I would not have attended them had I been living in US.

Many hard core Rich Dad fans could not do anything yet about the things they have learned. Roebrt Kiyosaki Articles can keep your motivation levels high.

Subscribe to his blog by all means. It gives the feeling that thousands around the world are using his tips to get rich.

Of course, expect a lot of sales pitch about the next big book, seminar, game or coaching service that will “reveal all the secrets”.

You can have all the knowledge in the world. But nothing happens unless you act upon them. So where to get this know-how? Either you find it out by doing or you search for some one who has already done it and is ready to help you.

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