The chronological order of the events in Robert Kiyosaki Biography as described by himself in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad and other books have some contradictions.

Ralph H. Kiyosaki is the father of Robert Kiyosaki. He was a government employee with the Hawaii Education Department. Robert was born on April 8, 1947 at Hilo, Hawaii. His early childhood and schooling was in Hilo.

After graduating from Hilo High School, he attended the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in New York, graduating with the class of 1969 as a deck officer.

He later served in the Marine Corps as a helicopter gunship pilot during the Vietnam War, where he was awarded the Air Medal.

Kiyosaki left the Marine Corps in 1974 and joined Xerox coproration and sold copiers. Eventhough he was a shy guy he slowly picked up skills required for sales and by the time he left Xerox he was one of tbe best performers in the company

After gaining experience in sales he set out to start his own business. His first business was a company that introduced Nylon and Velcro surfer wallets. The company was a big success. But inexperice and arrogance brought it down. He went brankrupt.

His next business licensed clothing and accessories for heavy metal rock bands. It also had the same fate has his first business.

(What he did after this before his book Rich Dad Poor Dad became a best seller is not known. He claims he built successful businesses, invested in real estate, stocks, commodities and bullion. Thus he was able to retire early and set out to teach the world how to get rich)

Around 1996–1997 he launched Cashflow Technologies, Inc. which operates and owns the Rich Dad (and Cashflow) brand. This company produces and markets Robert Kiyosaki Audio, Vidio, Cashflow Quadrant Games and other products.

Kim Kiyosaki is his wife. She is an author, investor and entrepreneur herself. He book Rich Woman is a best seller.

Robert Kiyosaki co-authored the book Rich Brother Rich Sister with his sister Emi Kiyosaki, who is a Tibetan Buddhist nun.

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