Regular Robert Kiyosaki Column is a good way to keep in touch with the ever growing number of Rich Dad fans around the world. He prepares them for the next big thing to be released soon, let be a book, DVD, game or seminar.

He has sold millions and millions of books. I am sure many of them are his fans. It has become kind of a cult and Robert Kiyosaki is the self ordained financial teacher of the world of

He claims he wrote the book Rich Dad Poor Dad after he made millions in businesses and real estate investments. He wanted to share his ‘secrets’ of success with the world. The book was a runaway success. His company Cashflow Technologies started churning out more and more products: books, cashflow board games, audio books, dvds, seminars.

I don’t claim to be a biographer of any kind. But if you refuse to join the crowd and look at it with an open mind, you will see it for yourself.

Robert Kiyosaki spends a lot of time for Rich Dad Company ie Cashflow Technologies. Something unexpected from a multi-million investor and businessman who has many other big businesses and investments to manage.

He always tries to up sell and cross sell other products.

Nobody has heard of any of his other business. At least, I have not. He doesn’t talk about it either.

Cashflow Clubs are being set up around the world. This is a very smart move. This is a ready market for any crap Rich Dad Company brings out. Robert Kiyosaki column and articles prepares this market for the next product.

The real secrets of getting out of rat race still remains a secret, or rather something that Rich Dad is going to reveal in his upcoming book, seminar, game, DVD or what ever.

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