The Rich Couple

Robert and Kim Kiyosaki are married for long. She has been with Robert through the thick and thin. They were even homeless for a while. Still they kept their dream of financial freedom alive. They claim their businesses and investments enabled them to retire early.

Their passion to teach the world about the importance of financial literacy made them share their success story with the world. Robert Kiyosaki co-authored Rich Dad Poor Dad along with Sharon Lechter. It was a huge success.

Later Kiyosakis along with Sharon Lechter co-founded Cashflow Technologies. After the huge success of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, they co-authored many books.

They now have dozens of books, audio products, videos, seminars, coaching services – all trying to cross sell or up sell another product or service.

Kim Kiyosaki claims to be successful business woman, entrepreneur and investor herself. Cashflow Technologies, of course, is successful. Her book Rich Woman is a best seller.

She is trying to replicate what her husband has already done – book after book and all those financial literacy ‘tools'. This is definitely making her a richer woman.

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