Rich Dad and Poor Dad are the two fathers talked about in the book with the same title.

It is the most successful book written by Robert T. Kiyosaki . He is a best selling author with other successful books like Cashflow Quadrant and Guide to Investing

Poor Dad is his biological father who was a well educated man. Even though he earned a lot of money on his government job, he was broke by the end of the month. He never was able to get out of the financial rat race.

The Rich and Smart Dad is Robert’s best friend Mike’s dad. He was a school dropout, but a successful business man. But Kiyosaki never named the guy. There have been many guesses. Some one has said his rich and smart Dad was Richard Kimi of the Sand & Seaside Hotels in Hawaii.

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Lately there have been many critics of Kiysaki philosophy and the story of two dads. They think the entire story is a made up.

Ever since I read the book, I was a fan of Robert Kiyosaki. I wrongly thought the greatest secrets of success are in the next book he is going to publish. I was dissppointed when I could finid nothing in it but the promise of revealing them all in the next book, seminar or any other product they plan to launch.

In my opinion the book and the dads constitute a good analogy that represents the two thought schools of earning, spending, saving and investing money. It may be made up, how ever let it be.

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