Rich Dad brand name is owned by the Cashflow Technologies Corporation. Rich Dad products include books, audio CDs, DVDs and Cashflow board games and Cashflow Egames.

They are available from the Rich Dad web store, Amazone, Book Stores Etc.

Ebay is a very good option to search for used as well as new products.

They are publishing book after book, DVD after DVD. Well, I have been a closely following what Kiyosaki has to say. I have been doing it since year 2000.

Robert Kiyosaki Investing tips, are they any good? Or rather, are there any tips at all in his products? Well, I must admit Rich Dad Poor Dad is an original. Everything else draws heavily from this book.

Well the argument is Robert Kiyosaki finance products are not meant to be how to books. Then what are? They keep promising to reveal the secretes in the upcoming book, DVD, seminar, course and what not.

Have a look at their website. Has he become a ghost writer? I strongly doubt, he made his money by teaching others how to make money.

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