Rich Dad Company or Cashflow Technologies operates a web store that sells many products. Rich Dad Video in DVD format is one of them.

His seminars, full length and highlights, are available in DVD forms. All the Rich Dad products try to cross sell and upsell. This is not a crime. Everyone is doing it.

But what turns me off is the tone of the promotion. You will learn it all in our next so and so Ridch Dad CD, DVD, book or seminar.

And what you can expect from those products? Nothing, but stories of his success and how buying more and more of his products will make you rich. I am not good at real estate investments. I don’t have any such investments; I don’t know much about it. I don’t plan to do it any soon.

But I am a bit suspicious when people say that they made lots of money following advice from such seminars. At the best they are motivating. Motivating to do what? To go for the special seminar that cost $10,000.

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