Kim Kiyosaki Biography is the story of a young woman who got fascinated by the world of entrepreneurship, ventured in to it and made it big.

Her husband Robert Kiyosaki is famous all around the world. He is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, business owner, investor and author.

She started her career as an employee of a business magazine in Honolulu, Hawaii. It gave her the chance to get used to the ideas of business ownership, investments and being your own boss.

This inspired her to start a business of her own at a very young age. This was a clothing business that gradually grew into becoming a multi-million corporation with distribution around the United States.

It was during this time she met her future husband and partner Robert Kiyosaki. They worked together to build businesses and invest in real estate. In just five years they were super rich and started thinking of retiring. In 1994 they sold their seminar business and retired.

But they started over again in 1997 and founded Cashflow Technologies. This company was set up with the purpose of sharing with the world the knowledge and experience they acquired while building their business.

Kim Kiyosaki is a self made millionaire. She has taken up the mission of educating women about the importance of financial literacy, independence and freedom. He book Rich Woman is a best seller.

Her books, audios, cashflow games and other products are available from rich woman website. They are all tools that help you get out of the rat race.

GPS, Guide to Phenomenal Success is an investment planning system Kim Kiyosaki has developed. It helps plan your finances so as to achieve independence and freedom.

Kim Kiyosaki Biography is an inspiration to women all around the world. It definitely motivates them to seek financial freedom nd independence.

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