Rich Dad’s Cashflow for Kids is an easier version of Cashflow 101. This is recommended for children of 6 years and above.

Regular education prepares children to work for others. They are told to get good grades and look for a safe secure job with government, companies or other organizations. They are taught to work for money.

But the Rich Dad urges us not to work for money, but get our money work for us. Cash flow for Kids is designed to get children accustomed to this idea. By way of a fun filled board game children can learn the financial basics.

They will learn to differentiate between assets and liabilities; active and passive income; assets and doodads and good debt and bad debt. This fun filled board game can teach children the financial basics of active income, passive income, savings, assets, liabilities, doodads, debt – good and bad, mortgage, taxes, credit cards etc.

Children learn what to do to win the game. Avoid buying doodads and liabilities. Buy assets that produce passive income. This is just what they have to do in the real life also to be financially free when they grow up.

The game has two versions. Home Version is meant to be used as a family game at home. School Version is a special version meant for use in the classroom.

The game is a great gift idea to children.

Rich Kid Smart Kid and Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens are books from Rich Dad Series meant for children.

Rich Dad Company has a website for kids . It has some free online games named Jesse’s Ice Cream Stand, Reno’s Debt Dilemma, Ima’s Dream and Jesse’s Big Change. The game has different levels for Grade K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12

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